Dress Code

Dress Code
Posted on 09/14/2020
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2020-2021 Lamar County Middle School - Dress Code Requirements

A student shall not dress, groom, wear, use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols where the effect thereof is to distract unreasonably the attention of other students or otherwise to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school. The principal or other duly authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress, apparel, grooming or use of emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols results in such interference or disruption as to violate this rule, and shall give notice of such interference or disruption, and its cause, to all students by announcement or posting at the school.

The highest priorities of a dress code should reflect these concepts.

♦ Modesty is a priority.

♦ School Spirit and unity is a priority.

♦ Enhanced safety of our students and personnel is a priority.

Students at LCMS should dress neatly and safely and in keeping with the following guidelines:

  1. Clothing should be worn in a manner that will not be disruptive to the school or classroom environment.
  2. Clothing should be clean, buttoned, zipped, and fastened, and should not sag or be worn backwards. Pants should be worn at the waist.
  3. All belts and straps should be fastened and secured.
  4. Students must wear shoes at all times when at school.
  5. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no more than three inches above the frontas well asthe back of the knee. (An index card will be used as a guideline to determine if the clothing is within the dress code limits.
  6. NO leggings, jeggings, joggers, tights, or yoga tights are to be worn as pants. They may be worn under skirts, dresses, or tunics, that are not see through and are no more than three inches above the knee.
  7. All PE clothing is restricted to the PE area.
  8. Students participating in field trips or other programs representing LCMS are expected to dress in the school dress code.Students who do not meet dress code on the day of a field trip or program will not be allowed to participate. (Specific attire might be suggested due to the nature of the field trip or program on a case by case basis and approved by an administrator.)

Any student wearing clothing NOT acceptable and in keeping with the above guidelines will be referred to the office and dress code procedures followed. Administrators will determine if the student meets the dress code guidelines. All of these guidelines are subject to the interpretation of the administration and are as follows:

  1. NO holes, rips, or tears are allowed in clothing under any circumstances.
  1. NO clothing that exposes the torso is allowed and NO sheer clothing (see through) is allowed.
  2. NO clothing or jewelry related to drug use, alcohol, gangs, pro wrestling, or suggestive language may be worn.
  3. NO tank tops, pajamas/loungewear, slides, or bedroom slippers are allowed.
  4. NO offensive arm bands, offensive painted or printed words, offensive signs or offensive symbols are allowed on any attire.
  5. NO hair curlers, combs, picks, or headbands are allowed.
  6. NO halter tops, spaghetti straps, low cut tops (all tops should be at least 3 inches in width across the shoulders).
  7. NO head coverings, sunglasses, hats, caps, dew rags, masks, or bandanas are allowed (unless the item has been specified for an administrator approved dress down day).
  8. NO flip flops: These are defined as a backless shoe with a 3-point attachment or hitch.
  9. NO gym shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants, or overalls.
  10. NO sunglasses (shades) are to be worn on the face, head or around the neck.
  11. NO gang related clothing, signs, symbols, or tattoos are to be displayed or expressed.
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